Chicken meat

Chicken meat, i.e. chicken soup is ideal for cooking of bouillons. It is well-known that chicken bouillon is one of the best method to restore efforts after sickness or hard surgery.

Special researches revealed that bouillons contain a lot of useful elements and vitamins. The chicken bouillon relieve colds owing to enzyme of a lizotsim. This enzyme suppresses bacteria and virus activities. Besides the chicken bouillon  contributes decrease in viscosity of blood and dilute it, i.e. prevent the formation of blood thrombus. To drink one cup of bouillon at night means provide a calm sleep. The bouillon is rich for phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, contains a lot of vitamins, Magnesium is responsible for a normal work of nervous cells, helps to cope with a tiredness, removes irritation and also improves a memory. Phosphorus strengthen muscles, bones and teeth. Chicken meat differs a lot of irreplaceable amino acids. There is a half selenium of day norm which decreases a risk of men prostatitis, increases immunity and work capacity, reduces the cardiovascular and oncological diseases, diabetes and joints.

But we should not forget that we are talking about chicken soup is cultivated on natural forages without a growth stimulators, antibiotics and genetic engineering products.

“KazgerKus” LLP gives a quality guarantee for its products. Bouillon cooked “Bouillon chicken” from “KazgerKus” LLP has an excellent taste and all useful features.