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     Every year a technological scheme is worked out by the technological service, it plans all company activity. The main company activity is the chicken egg production.

       All young growth livestock and laying hens are in premises. We have got modern and new technological equipment of the German company «Specht». All process is automated. In the online regime you can operate all process and trace an expense of forage and water, its ratio, efficiency, microclimate, etc.. 

          The equipment is cellular. The floor made out of tile for the dust decrease. The dust from the floors is cleaned by vacuum cleaners. There is a fresh cleaning of floors regularly

         Daily dungs are cleaned from hen-houses with the help of line. A special attention pays to sanitary conditions of hen-houses.

        Giving to drink is nipple. There are 3 chinks in the territory. Water from chinks is completely filtered. For that there is a powerful system of filtration. Regularly once a week there is a control for drinking water quality in hen-houses for contents impurity ( the weighed particles) in terms of ppm by the special device. Besides once a year a full water inspection for detrimental impurities is conducted at governmental laboratories.

        Ventilation system provides the necessary level of microclimates on the temperature regime, humidity and content of carbon dioxide. Daily the quality control of the microclimate is observed. In special record books in hen-houses there is noted temperature indicators and humidity 3 times a day. Besides there is a control and data recording in the computer system with Stienen Poultry processors. Once a week and also when it is necessary the laboratory records a content of carbon dioxide in hen-houses.

         There is a modern LED lightning in a new site and hen-houses. At present time we make a LED lightning replacement for the first site too.

        Remedial young growth is cultivated in a special zone for young growth cultivation. This zone is separated from a zone of laying hen with a help of a sanitary zone.  

        From the birth up to 98 days chicken are cultivated on the program recommended by cross developers. Just borne chicken of Hiseks white cross are delivered from BPL Sverdlovskiy, Super Nick cross from BPP Sverdlovskiy. All standards on landing density, feeding and giving to drink are strictly observed. The zoo technical service of the company makes a control of weight and future development laying hen regularly. There are some corrections in the program on feeding and lightning in some necessary cases. There is an analysis of indicators which is influenced on remedial young growth development constantly. 

       Preventive breaks in hen houses for young growth are from 21 up to 30 days. It is enough to conduct a good cleaning and aerosol disinfection. A special team makes a cleaning on the European powerful equipment Karcherwith foamy cleaning items. The sanitary service makes a disinfection on modern disinfecting measures which are effective and safe. 

         There is a quality processing control after every disinfection at the veterinary laboratory: washouts are undertaken from the equipment, walls, floors, celling, ventilating system etc. and are sowed on nutrient circles.

         The veterinary service makes the prevention of infectious diseases with a plan for each set. For that we constantly conduct a monitoring of viral and bacterial infections. There is a schedule to take blood since the birth and also calendar plan of preventative measures. Blood serum is checking for antibodies IFA on according to this a plan of vaccination is made.


   An industrial layer contains the five level cellular batteries. 

  The norms for density landing are considered with a seating hen. Light modes are developed and approved for the every party with a birth and till to the end of productive period. Daily there is a movement livestock control, forage expenses, efficiency and an egg weight.

      The egg collecting is also automated. The food egg is not almost adjoined with a human hand as we use line of egg collecting after that on a peppery transporter comes to the egg sorting machine which helps to pack them according to its categories into a tray. Operators of the sorting workshop pack all egg trays into boxes and send them for a ready production warehouse.


Hen feeding is on a basis of own production forages For that there is a workshop for forages preparation on a modern equipment of a German company «AWILLA». Owing to a high accuracy of macro and micro dosage there is an opportunity to produce good forages on the method. Food allowance optimization is produced on the special forage program Brill by a high qualified specialist.

                  For a good health of hen the feeding must be prepared with natural vegetative forages with bifidum lactobacillus bacteria. Food allowance feeding of laying hen is based on natural vegetative forages. We do not use chemical components, forage of animal origin, 

growth bio stimulants, genetic engineering products. All this is a basis of organic and safe eggs production from Kazger Kus. We confirm it by a Certificate Halal.   

Food allowance consists of grain ( wheat, barley, corn, oats, linseed), oil cake soya and sunflower, vegetative oil, nutrient yeast, vitamin and mineral premix, mineral additives (limestone, shell rock).

           All grain, sunflower and linseed are cultivated in our own fields. There is a workshop on sunflower oil production. Oil and oil cake of our own production are used for a poultry hen feeding.